We know exercise can positively transform our lives, but we also know that gym culture can feed into insecurities and build misleading beliefs that you need to work out twice as long to deserve that glass of wine. We were created as the antidote to the idea that you need to be at a certain fitness level to take your first class, that you need to be conscious about how you look working out or that you need to be perfectly synchronized to be up front. We’re putting the world on notice: YOU ARE ENOUGH!

From the moment you walk in to PULSE, to the second you leave, we customize every aspect of your experience so it fits you like a glove. You’ll always feel inspired, motivated and empowered and you’ll never feel out of place. 


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Whether it’s a rough day at work, dealing with a heartache, or just wanting to have a kickass workout, PULSE House gives me a safe space to sweat, scream, laugh, and practice self-love. PULSE gives me the confidence to stand up for myself, take ownership of my life, and love my body.

Abby D.

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I killed the comparison monster by embracing my body for everything it is. I’m a strong woman, I have curves, I look in the mirror and I know I don’t need to change anything about me! Through the dynamic workouts at PULSE House I’m able to move the way I live, outside of the lines.

Sabrina N.

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I’ve never before been a group fitness person, but I get such an amazing high from classes at PULSE House. I had my left hip reconstructed seven months ago and I never would have thought I could keep up in classes, but the machine, the instructors, the community, they let me know I can get it done and I love coming here.

Amy B.


PULSE House dials up my happiness by being a place where I can come as I am. The culture encourages me to appreciate my body and focus on my strength, not on artificial standards or comparisons. What I appreciate most is that the coaches are all real people with real personalities and they share their challenges and their growth with guests. PULSE fosters an environment where everyone is included and, while we may all be working towards different goals or to overcome different challenges, we're all still working together.




Shafer Minnick, PULSE House Founder

Shafer Minnick, PULSE House Founder

There’s a connection between your mind and body. I’ve spent years trying to outrun, outwork, outlove the situations in my life, but the change HAD to come from within. I grew up a fat kid, I wasn’t self-identified, I was made painfully aware of it. I endured years of physical and emotional abuse that further exacerbated the cycle of yo-yo dieting, disordered eating and compulsive exercising. 

Through a supportive community, I’ve been able to find balance in my life. I’ve come to view exercise as a celebration of what my body can accomplish, not punishment for what I ate. I understand there are days where mentally I’m ready to have the best workout of my life and there are days where it’s a struggle to get to the gym. I’ve talked to thousands of people over the years, and many of them have had the same struggles as I have. They’re yearning for a place where they can be embraced where they are, where they can be who they are, where they can learn to stand proudly in their shine. That’s what we’ve created at PULSE House. I can’t wait for you to experience it. 

- Shafer Minnick, PULSE House Founder


Here are the highlights of what’s essential for your first time:

  • Book your class here or on our APP 

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class time 

  • Optional PULSE House Workout Buddy will guide you through your first class 

  • Coaches who will customize your class so you feel successful 

  • 24 hour follow up call to make sure you’re thriving 

If you want more information about the first time, please read here: FIRST TIME