Courage + Beyonce

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage, you can’t practice any virtue consistently” -Maya Angelou

We are excited at PULSE House that as part of our restructuring we will be incorporating elements of the Somatic Method into the PULSE House Methodology. What this means is that we will be fusing the mind and the body together to activate all the power that you possess inside. Part of this will include having a theme for each week that will be consistent across everything that occurs both inside and outside the studio. The first theme is: “Courage”.

We find courage to be an especially important trait for each of us to embrace because it allows you to continuously push the boundaries of what you think you’re capable of achieving. We love the quote by Maya Angelou: “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”

This mindset is what we take into everything we do at PULSE House, we exist to be a safe space where you can come and exercise your courage muscles and know that there won’t be negative repercussions. In other settings you may fear being judged for making a mistake or not getting it “right” the first time; at PULSE House, we will ask the group during class to acknowledge if they made a mistake and to celebrate their neighbor for admitting the mistake. In other settings, you might be nervous about your first time, at PULSE, we offer to partner you with a first time workout buddy so you know you have a guide before you even walk in the door.

Additionally, we know what it feels like to not want to speak up and say you have an injury or that a certain movement doesn’t feel comfortable for you. We have been taught since kindergarten that “fitting in” is best and we should all try to be as homogeneous as possible. At PULSE, we violently disagree with that notion, we believe that each of us is an unrepeatable miracle and it is our requirement to own our shine as much as possible. Each of our coaches monitors you before/during and after the workout to ensure that you’re getting the optimum physical benefit from your workout, because it’s our part of our mission to deliver the customization of personal training with the energy of group fitness.

We invite you this week to put your courage on full display in the studio: pick up the heavier weight, try the advanced choreography, introduce yourself to three people in class. We promise we will hold the safe space for you so you’ll always feel supported, successful and welcome. We promise we will watch you form and let you know if you need to make a change, we promise we will meet you where you are and ensure that you feel successful.

Outside of the studio, we challenge you to think about one thing that you want to see changed in your life. Maybe you need to put up a boundary at work: you’re not taking calls past 6 PM, maybe you need to stand up for yourself in your relationship: you need someone that is going to text you back in the same day, maybe you need to tell your family it’s in your best interest to stay in town for Thanksgiving and not come home this year so you can recharge. Whatever it is, we believe that you receive what you have the courage to ask for. So, decide what you need to ask for and then put your plan on a plane! We know you deserve it and we’ve got your back.

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We all love Queen Bey, and it’s her Birthday and courage, she’s got it in spades! We have two special Beyonce themed classes this week, check them out!

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