“Once you choose hope, anything is possible” -Christopher Reeve

Last week, we celebrated our first birthday! It was a very surreal experience for us, there are days that we feel like we just opened and then there are moments where we feel as though we’ve been open for a century. Regardless of how long we’ve been open, we believe it’s incredibly important for us to acknowledge the role that HOPE has played in the vision, the creation and the operations of PULSE.

For us, HOPE has been necessary since before we even opened our doors. It took us two years to find a commercial real estate space that would allow a start-up fitness concept to come in. Every day during those two years, multiple landlords, agents, even some friends and family warned us against opening the studio “failure rates for businesses are extremely high”, “people want virtual and on-demand experiences, they don’t want to have to go to classes…”, the rationale seemed endless.

But we believe that hope is a waking dream. We dreamed of creating a company that could touch people’s lives, we strove to establish a community of support that includes everyone, we envisioned being part of a movement that allowed the world to know that every one of us is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

We also feel that in 2019, hope is not a natural emotion. There are so many external influences that will try to tell us that we should embrace fear: fear of running out, fear of missing out, fear of being left out. Hope requires you to look past the churn of the news, the sting of disappointment, and the devastation of heartbreak and step into the amazing strength that you’ve cultivated.

This week, we challenge you to try two things:

  1. Find a role model that has found solutions to problems that you relate to. There are many, many people who have overcome tremendous adversity. Reading their stories and surrounding yourself with supportive messages and people can help you build hope. One resource is Project Hope Exchange. Part of this project is a page on their website where people record their experiences of overcoming adversity, and there is a special section for mental health challenges and life challenges.

  2. Move your body at least two days. Moving your body has been scientifically proven to stimulate the release of feel-good brain chemicals. Triggering this release of chemicals can help amp up your hopefulness and allow you to acknowledge the amazing impact you have on the world.


Lizzo is coming to town! Our self-love, self-empowerment ride or die is headlining two concerts at the Anthem this week, come on in for a Lizzo themed class!

Shafer MinnickComment