Trust the process of your life unfolding…THE MOST AMAZING MOMENTS ARE STILL AHEAD!

Trust is hard. We completely get that. Being in a Type-A city like DC, where all of us are striving to give 110% and be the very best we can be, make the biggest impact we can make, and be as efficient as possible, makes trusting feel hard AF.

We understand the internal dialogue: “Is this the best use of my time? Should I spend my hard-earned money on this thing? If I make this choice, what will happen to the thing I didn’t select?” This type of linear thinking: “if this then that” automatically backs each of us into a corner where we feel like we have to have all the right answers all the time. At PULSE House, we ask that you understand that “you are who you are when you’re in the room.” Each of our classes is less than 2% of your day, and we believe that if you commit to taking that time to unplug from everything else in your life, it builds trust that allows you to live better in every facet of your life outside of PULSE House.

Additionally, we understand that it’s human nature to want to know what is going to happen before it occurs. There are entire industries, countless movies, and numerous books all written about giving us a glimpse of our future before we arrive there. We believe by that not trusting in the process that is unfolding in your life, you are trying to force your future. When any of us tries to force the future, we alter the course of it, or shut down possibilities for ourselves. We urge you to view yourself as a protector and a nurturer of your dreams: give them space to breathe and plenty of positivity to cultivate growth.

We invite you this week to trust the process in the studio: try a class that you haven’t taken before, check out an instructor that you don’t normally take, sing as loud as you can in class. We promise we will hold the safe space for you so you’ll always feel supported, successful, and welcome.

Outside of the studio, we challenge you to think about one thing that you need to trust a bit more in your life. Maybe you need to be comfortable when the person you’re dating doesn’t immediately text you back, maybe you need to trust that you’re going to get the job you interviewed for and not refresh your inbox every two minutes, maybe you need to trust that the important information you told your friend will stay with them in confidence. Whatever it is, we believe that if you are able to trust your process, you’ll have more opportunities, and we know you deserve all the opportunities!

Shafer Minnick