The brave actions you’re taking, that is practice for you creating the life of your dreams.

As a child, did you ever want to skip out on practice and just play in the game? Practice could be really boring. Lots of drills and running around, not all of your friends were on your team, and there was no concession stand at practice.

What if we changed the way we viewed practice? What if we introduced the idea that all of our lives were practicing to create the best version of ourselves? The truth is, what each of surrounds ourselves with: family, relationships, career, friends becomes part of what we’re practicing. We ingest pieces of information, gossip, news and other types of media and this all creates the basis of our human experience. While it is incredible the amount of access and breadth of information we have today, there is so much of it, it begins to feel like noise.

This is why at PULSE House, we make it a point to be energy radiators. It is our first core value to provide unparalleled guest success, and we go out of our way to cultivate an environment where we don’t play music that disparages anyone, where we include everyone in the workout and the amenities and where we have banned gossip. We practice talking about ideas and not about people because there are so many innovative ways we can help each other be well, we believe we should practice that.

It’s not easy though, but we practice cultivating a brave space where we focus on amplifying the positive attributes. We also understand that adding a new practice to your life: meditation, yoga, stretching, working out can feel a bit overwhelming.

This week, we are launching the PULSE House Confidence Hacking ebook, and we’re so excited about it. It comes with 90 second exercises that you can complete to amplify your confidence. We encourage you to incorporate this as part of your daily practice for the week, because after all, each of us become what we repeatedly practice.

Shafer Minnick