The power to shape your reality lies within you, therefore the most important voice you will ever hear is your own

Have you ever looked at those in a position with more power and authority than you and said: “I want to be like that?” I want to be able to have the power of Beyonce, the charisma of Tom Brady, the following of Oprah? Have you ever felt like power is reserved for the game changers that sit in the boardrooms, those that command TED talk stages or those that have certified Instagram accounts?

As a new business, we have certainly had times where we felt like we wish we were as powerful as SoulCycle or Barry’s Bootcamp, we have felt like true power was reserved for the big players in our industry or those that had the sexiest marketing. But the truth is, real power has nothing to do with the authority one has over others and EVERYTHING to do in their personal belief of how powerful they are within.

Spoiler Alert: You don’t have to be in a position of power to feel POWERFUL.

As we continue to roll out the PULSE House inside-out methodology, we have spent time researching how we can promote feeling powerful inside and outside the studio.

There are three key ways we have discovered to help you amplify your power:

  1. Declare out loud to another person: “I am powerful”. The simple act of declaring your power and putting it into the universe activates your nervous system, releases adrenaline and increases release of dopamine, which helps with focus and memory.

  2. Write down a list of ways in which you are powerful. Are you a team player? Are you flexible with change? Are you resilient with shifting priorities? Can you make eye contact while having a conversation? Do you ask questions to seek understanding? These are all crucial to cultivating your personal power.

  3. Tell someone: “Nobody can do this like me”. The act of acknowledging that you are unique and special is a powerful act. Too much time and energy are spent comparing to others. Amplify your unique traits, they are your source of power.

As a brave space with our roots in fitness, Feeling powerful is inner work—it’s all about connecting with your strengths and capabilities, and trusting them to see you through a situation. This week, we will work together to cultivate our POWER!

Shafer Minnick