We want YOU to be a buddy!

Tour Guide meets fitness classes, sign me up!

We’re proud to announce the new PULSE HOUSE Workout Buddy Program.

It can be difficult and intimidating for first time guests to wrap their heads around a new studio, a new workout, a new group of people. We don’t want these barriers to prevent first time Pulse House guests from having the best experience possible; or worse, stop them from walking through the door at all. If you were ever one of the many that was frustrated or scared by the gym, now’s your chance to make a difference in someone’s wellness journey!

We hope you’ll join the team by becoming a positive influence for first time guests and help us to create the experience they deserve!

What’s the goal of the PULSE House Workout Buddy Program?

To make new guests feel welcomed and to provide someone to meet up with for a guest’s first workout class. We believe that if you have someone to help you through your first class, you’ll feel much more at ease and more confident, and that’s what we’re all about at PULSE, AMPLIFYING CONFIDENCE. Additionally, we believe having a workout buddy will help new guests feel more successful because it decreases the chance they’ll feel confused, frustrated or lost in the workout.

What’s in it for me?

As a PULSE House Workout Buddy, you will get 2,000 Perkville Rewards points deposited to your account monthly. This correlates to $75 that can be used on the price of any recurring membership.

What does it mean to be a Workout Buddy? Am I qualified?

To be a PULSE House Workout Buddy, we require that you take a minimum of 50 PULSE House classes in a combination of both CLIMB and BUILD studios. Secondly, we require a clear understanding of the PULSE House brand ethos and how PULSE is different from other fitness studios. Lastly, we require that you review our PULSE House Corporate Brand training so you are versed on our mission, vision and core values.

What is the process like?

We ask that you commit to a minimum of two set workout class times a week through our scheduling app. You will take those classes whether or not you have a first timer.

A PULSE House coach will alert you as soon as possible if you have a buddy, but for your selected class times, plan to:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of class (for example 6:15 PM for 6:30 PM class)

  • Have a great attitude (this is a gimme, you’re awesome or we wouldn’t ask you to be a Workout Buddy)

  • Meet the guest at the front desk

  • Help guide the guest through their first PULSE House experience (show them their locker, which studio they’ll be in, introduce them to the coach)

  • Workout next to the guest in class for some extra encouragement 

  • Connect with 2-3 additional members of the PULSE House Community

  • Fill out a post-class survey (it’s six questions, approximately 2 minutes)

  • Be awesome!

What is a PULSE House Workout Buddy NOT responsible for

  • Providing any form correction or coaching cues

  • Leading the class

  • Selling packages

  • Signing the guest up for their next class

Ok, I’m sold! What are the next steps?

Please email concierge@pulsehousefitness.com and we will get you setup with everything you need to get started.


Shafer Minnick